You’ll Never Know What You Have…

…Until You Lose It.  That’s what people say.

Last night, I went to a Fast Food Restaurant and asked for something in the menu I really liked to eat.  The cashier told me that they no longer sell that.  I was a little nostalgic, because I enjoyed eating that dessert.  It also made me think about how sometimes people don’t appreciate what they have and then they get sad and lonely when they leave, or no longer are there.


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Languages of Love (Part V)

Hey guys!  This is the last stop of this journey through the languages of love.  The last language of love is physical contact.

This is, I think, the most common language of love, or maybe the only you thought existed.  When you show love through this language, there are many ways in which to do it.  It is to show your love through touch or being nearby your loved one. 

Some ideas are:

1. hugging, or cuddling

2. kissing

3. holding his/her hand

4. putting your arm around him/her

5. sitting next to each other

I hope this has been helpful to all of you.  Keep practicing these tips.  And if you don’t have that special someone yet, ask God for it, He will put him/her in your way when it’s the right time.

Languages of Love (Part IV)

Hello there!  It’s been a while since I don’t write, I was busy during the Summer.  So, let’s get started!

The fourth language of love is quality time.  People that possess this language enjoy conversations and spending time together.

Here are some ideas to help you if your partner’s language is quality time:

1. Listen, listen, and LISTEN!  There is nothing more important as to listen, but carefully, without thinking what to answer or what to argue to.

2. Invite him/her to the park for a walk.  Even if you don’t talk, it is a great and relaxing way to show him/her your love.  Plus, you exercise too! 🙂

3. Talk to him/her about their day.  It shows you care.

4. Sit near him/her while doing chores.  You can read in the balcony, while he mows the lawn; or you can clear the table while she cooks.

5. Watch a movie together.  Even when you don’t talk, you can have that loved someone nearby and show him/her your love through that.

I hope these are helpful.  Stay tuned for the other two!

Love and blessings!

Languages of Love (Part III)

Hey guys!  This is the middle of all the languages!

The third way in which you can show or communicate love is through gift giving.  Now, I don’t mean just giving your partner or loved one a gift for a birthday, for an anniversary or for Christmas; but also unexpected gifts.  This is a great way in which to show your love and surprise that special someone at the same time.  Once I heard on the radio a man that went to a trophy store to buy an award for his wife.  The guy in the store was surprised when he just bought it to recognize his wife’s excellent way to be, well, a wife.

Let’s see some examples in which you can show love through gifts.

1. Buy his/her favorite treat and bring it home.

2. Go to the store and buy something he/she would like and leave it in a place he/she will see it.  You can also add a little note saying: “I saw this and I thought of you.  Thought you might like it <3.”

3. Prepare his/her favorite meal.

4. If you like crafts, you can make that person a card, a picture frame with a photo of you two, a painting, or any other special present.

5. Buy something he/she has always wanted but hasn’t have the chance to get.

Languages of Love (Part II)

The second language of love is through acts of service.  Being able to help your loved one is a great way to show him/her that you love them and that you care.

Some ideas for this one are:

1. Help your spouse with chores around the house, or watch the kids while he/she does them.

2. Offer to fill in some documents for him/her.

3. Fix, clean, or replace something that is not working well without being asked to.

4. Help him/her with homework.

5. If you can’t help your partner with something,  don’t be a burden to him/her.

6. Carry something for him/her

7. Help him/her with a project or recipe.

Languages of Love (Part I)

In my last post, I said that I was going to write about the ways in which love can be communicated.  This is the first of five posts in this series.

Ok, so the first language of love is through words that stimulate.  This means taking time, not just to say “I love you”, but also to motivate and stimulate others through words.  By using this language, you can let someone know you love them and you can also show your appreciation, respect, and admiration.

Some ideas are:

1. Telling that person what a blessing it is to have him/her by your side.

2. Sending a text message or leaving a voice mail telling that person what you like about him/her.

3. Just saying I love you is not enough, MEAN what you say!

4. Write a story about how you met and share it with your loved one.

5. Grab a pen and some post-its and fill the house, the car, the office, or any other place with notes about what makes that person special.

It is also important to pray for your partner and to ask God to make your bond stronger and to help you and guide you each day.

Stay tuned for the others!

God bless!

Love Advice

Many people have written excellent books about marriage, about choosing the right someone and about advice in a relationship.  However, my friend was talking to me about a book that gives advice to boyfriends and girlfriends.  These books are a very good tool to grow a healthy relationship and solve problems together before bringing them to a marriage.  Sometimes, the problems that couples go through after marrying, are due to unsolved problems during a relationship. 

 I encourage you all that are in a relationship to develop good communication skills.  If you are too mad or frustrated to talk, wait until you are calmed.  Also, take time to be together, to talk just about anything; just BE together, even if you’re quiet.  I’m not married yet, but I think this advice is useful for married couples too. 

On my next posts, I will try to describe the languages of love.  It can be showed in different ways and that can also create conflict.  So stay tuned for the next posts.